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Welcome to US Burlap Bag Company where we manufacture and sell high-quality drawstring burlap bags in an assortment of sizes. Our bags are lightweight yet durable, attractive and offer limitless potential for uses. You will find our wholesale prices competitive, our customer service unmatched and our bags top notch. Custom printing is also available through a quick and easy process.

US Burlap Bag Company offers many different sizes of Quality Burlap Bags!

US Burlap Bags-Burlap Wholesale BagsBurlap - Why It's Been Around For So Long

A staple in the crafting industry, burlap has been around for centuries, and there are many reasons why. It comes directly from the jute plant which grows quickly and is in abundant supply around the globe. It is one of the strongest natural fibers in the world. Burlap found it’s origins in India and was first mass manufactured in Scotland. Since then, there has always been a use for it. Throughout the years is has been used for clothing, carrying sacks for coffee, cement, and sand, as well as canvases for art and twine. Today it has many purposes. Companies that sell organic or handmade products often package them in burlap. It is used for wreaths, decor, art and gifts. It is perfect for weddings and holiday decorations, landscaping and seed growing, and, of course, bags. Burlap will never go out of style.

US Burlap BagsWhy Buy from US Burlap?

US Burlap Bag Company is a small, family run business created in Kansas City, KS in 2011. With customer service, environmental responsibility and quality products as the key components of the business, US Burlap has grown over the years. Additional locations in Florida and Australia have increased our shipping ability and client reach. We proudly manufacture our bags in the USA.

Many often talk about plastic bags and what they are doing to our Earth. Some communities have even banned their use, but the majority of retailers still use them. Here at US Burlap Co., we felt our responsibility to the world was too great to ignore any longer. Our burlap bags are sourced from organic farmers using the highest quality jute available. The greatest quality of burlap is that it is biodegradable. Because it is a natural fiber, burlap will eventually degrade back into the soil. This fact is a cornerstone of our business, and we are proud to share it with others. With our custom printing option, we stay true to our company values by using natural, plant based inks. It is our goal to change the world, one bag at a time. Feel confident that your purchase from US Burlap Bag Company won’t create problems for our future generations to clean up.

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